From: Ross Walker <>
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2007 08:33:20 -0700

Hi Francesco,

> ./configure -static ifort_x86_64
> ./configure: line 1264: config.h: Permission denied

The issue is one of Unix file permissions. I suspect that you don't own the
amber9 directory and all sub files. You have one of two options, either
chown the directory to yourself and then repeat the installation or do the
installation as root - which you tried...

If you run the installation as root you have to make sure that root picks up
all the environment variables etc. Thus it is probably easier to just chown
everything to you.

su -
cd /path_to_amber9/
cd ../
chown -R username amber9 (where username is your username)
exit (quits as root and should be back as your

cd $AMBERHOME/src/
./configure -static ifort_x86_64
make clean

If you get ifort not found then make sure you have modified your ~/.bashrc
or ~/.cshrc (depending on your shell) to source
/opt/intel/fce/9.1.036/bin/ (or .csh if c shell)

All the best

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