AMBER: bug in reprocessing with PB?

From: David Mobley <>
Date: Thu, 10 May 2007 11:08:10 -0700


I'm doing some studies to compare implicit solvent models in AMBER,
and I believe I've found a bug of some sort.

In particular, I have a set of trajectory files and I need to evaluate
energies of the snapshots from these trajectories in different
implicit solvent models. Mostly, this works fine (using sander with
imin=5 to evaluate energies of a stored trajectory). However,
sporadically, when I use PB for reprocessing, I get segmentation
faults during reprocessing for no apparent reason. The trajectories
seems to be OK (i.e., reprocessing with GB works fine).

Sometimes, these segmentation faults are architecture-dependent (i.e.
I'm mainly on Xeons; stuff that fails there will work OK, sometimes,
on Opterons). However, I'm attaching a tarball for one case that fails
(with PB) on either architecture. Again, it reprocesses fine using GB.

I'm really at a loss here -- I desperately need this reprocessing to
work -- so I will greatly appreciate any help. Just grab the tarball
and run the "" shell script, which executes sander to do the
reprocessing that's causing the seg fault.

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