RE: AMBER: Blue Gene, compile Amber9?

From: Mike Hanby <>
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2007 09:34:46 -0500



I got the following response from IBM:

Please add




to the link command


Given that I'm not a programmer, I'm not exactly where this should go.
Do I add this to one of the FLAG variables in the config.h file?


Thanks for any suggestions,




From: [] On Behalf
Of Robert Duke
Sent: Tuesday, April 10, 2007 10:42
Subject: Re: AMBER: Blue Gene, compile Amber9?


Hi Mike -

I don't have access to a current BG/L machine; the instructions for
config were done for a machine maintained by ibm about a year ago (by
me). This looks like it is due to a change in function layout in the
default system libraries; something is being sucked in by the system
that references something else in the system that is not being sucked
in. So you have to either go to doc or the system people to see how you
are supposed to reference system libraries for this particular
installation/system release. This is always the fun stuff - has nothing
to do with the applications software, but with the system. Good luck;
maybe Ross can help you some since he does have access to a BG/L machine
(note that although you found a link to this stuff at SDSC, it is
actually my stuff from dev/test that I did at the ibm BG/L center in
Rochester. Carlos Sosa may also know the answer to this one since he
supports these machines at ibm (

Regards - Bob Duke

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        From: Mike Hanby <>


        Sent: Tuesday, April 10, 2007 11:13 AM

        Subject: RE: AMBER: Blue Gene, compile Amber9?


        I'm attempting to use the PMEMD config.h from the scripps web


        The compilation starts complaining on line 213 of the attached
output about "undefined refrence to `__ctype_b'


        1501-510 Compilation successful for file erfcfun.f90.

        blrts_xlf90 -o pmemd gbl_constants.o gbl_datatypes.o
state_info.o file_io_dat.o parallel_dat.o mdin_ctrl_dat.o
mdin_ewald_dat.o prmtop_dat.o inpcrd_dat.o dynamics_dat.o img.o
parallel.o pme_direct.o pme_recip.o pme_fft.o fft1d.o bspline.o
pme_force.o pbc.o nb_pairlist.o cit.o dynamics.o bonds.o angles.o
dihedrals.o runmd.o loadbal.o shake.o runmin.o constraints.o
axis_optimize.o gb_ene.o veclib.o gb_force.o timers.o pmemd_lib.o
runfiles.o file_io.o bintraj.o pmemd_clib.o pmemd.o random.o degcnt.o
erfcfun.o nmr_calls.o nmr_lib.o get_cmdline.o master_setup.o
alltasks_setup.o pme_setup.o ene_frc_splines.o nextprmtop_section.o
-L/bgl/BlueLight/ppcfloor/bglsys/lib -lmpich.rts -lmsglayer.rts
-lrts.rts -ldevices.rts -lm

        /opt/ibmcmp/xlf/bg/10.1/blrts_lib/libxlf90.a(beginio.o): In
function `_xlfBeginIO':

c:(.text+0x23e): undefined reference to `__ctype_b'

c:(.text+0x103a): undefined reference to `__ctype_b'


        I've attached the "make install 2>&1 |tee pmemd-make.log" output
and my config.h file


        Does anyone have any suggestions?



        From: []
On Behalf Of Mike Hanby
        Sent: Tuesday, April 10, 2007 09:04
        Subject: RE: AMBER: Blue Gene, compile Amber9?


        Thanks for the feedback Ross and Carlos, I'll compile just the
PMEMD component then. And thanks for the link to the SDSC page :-)



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On Behalf Of Ross Walker
        Sent: Friday, April 06, 2007 16:24
        Subject: RE: AMBER: Blue Gene, compile Amber9?


        Dear Mike,


        There is little point trying to run the rest of Amber on Blue
Gene. The scaling of sander is not sufficient to be efficient on Blue
Gene and the memory requirements will likely stop you running any decent
size systems.


        PMEMD scales much better than sander and requires less memory.
The memory usage also goes down with the cpu count making it more
suitable for Blue Gene. Note PMEMD 9 supports both PME simulations and
implicit solvent GB simulations.


        I attach the config.h I used to build pmemd 9 on SDSC's Blue
Gene. Try the one on the Amber website first though since this may have
been optimized by Bob Duke and give better performance. Benchmarks and
job submission scripts are here:


        Note: Blue Gene is not a machine that was actively targetted by
the Amber developers during the Amber 9 development and so the code has
not had any specific optimizations for Blue Gene. Amber 10's PMEMD may
contain some Blue Gene tweaks that will improve the performance but this
won't be released until next year. Bob Duke may be able to comment more.


        All the best


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or sensitive issues.




[] On Behalf Of Mike Hanby
                Sent: Friday, April 06, 2007 10:23
                Subject: AMBER: Blue Gene, compile Amber9?



                Has anyone compiled Amber9 for use on an IBM Blue Gene/L
(bgl) system that wouldn't mind sharing the steps they used to cross
compile the code using the blrts_xl compilers?


                I found one section on the Amber site that provides a
config.h file for compiling pmemd but nothing to do with the rest of


                Thanks, Mike

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