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Date: Sat, 29 Jul 2006 11:28:53 -0400


  Yes, you will need to build parameters for the Zn-S bond and, no, I
do not believe that they are in the parm99.dat file. Someone correct
me if I am wrong. Ulf Ryde has worked on systems with Cys-Zn bonds,
so you could start with his work from a few years ago. There is an
ASAP article on an MD simulation of SOD which has Zn-Cys bonds from a
group in Oporto, Portugal. Lim has created some more advanced models,
but this would require work on your part to build it into AMBER I
believe. Others have created ff's for Zn systems - you could look at
some of Lucia Banci's work as well as work we have done in this area.
Others have modeled systems like these without bonds: see for example
Roland Stote's work with Martin Karplus (Proteins 1995, 23, 12-31 I
believe) as well as that of Vedani (see Hoops et al 1991 JACS paper).
Other have contributed to this research area as well, so the names
listed above are just a sampling of what is out there in the
literature. Good luck.


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