AMBER: no statistics part

From: Zhang Bing <>
Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2005 23:29:52 +0800



Dear all:


Now, I have a totally same problem with what amit had reported. The only
different between our error messages is : Missing BELE for MM in 1
(residue 1)



Any help from you will be greatly appreciated!


Zhang Bing






Hi Dac,

       Finally I got the energy using the flag gbsa=0. But the program
is stopped when getting to statistical part. The error I got


 Reading files

    Reading 1pfy_com.all.out

    Reading 1pfy_rec.all.out

    Checking CALC

    Reading 1pfy_lig.all.out

    Missing SINT for MM in 1 (residue 1) Please help.

Any hint.





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