Re: AMBER: problem loading mdcrd to VMD

From: David Smith <>
Date: 30 Nov 2004 15:19:24 +0100

Dear Ruzhen,

There are a few tricks. First you have to load in a parmtop file. You
should know if this is a new or old format and then choose "parm" or
"parm7" accordingly from the vmd menu.

Then you need to load the .mdcrd file not as a new molecule but as a
file for the preloaded prmtop. Then you need to know if your .mdcrd file
has box information or not and choose "crd" or "crdbox" accordingly.
Alternatively, if your file is really a rst file from Amber 7 or 8 you
can choose "rst7".

Hope this helps.

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Rudjer Boskovic Institute
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