Re: AMBER: combine crd files

From: Carlos Simmerling <>
Date: Fri, 26 Nov 2004 19:03:28 -0500

use ptraj. this option is described in the ptraj manual.

note that the answer is the first hit in google for "amber combine
trajectory files".
google works really well for this kind of thing- please try it first,
you'll get the
answer a lot faster than if you wait for us to get your mail and reply.

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=================================================================== wrote:

>Hello, Amber:
>Is there any way to combine the .crd files into one file? I have serveral
>runs from the same protein model. I would like to combine them into one
>file. So it will be easy to look at them together with VMD. I checked the
>mail list. A few people asked the same question before. But I can't find
>the answer from the mail reflector.
>Can anyone give me some suggestions?
>Thank you very much.
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