Re: AMBER: solvateCap warning

From: Chenglong Li <>
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2004 10:44:14 -0700

Hi Helios,

Use TIPxPBOX instead (x=3 in your case I guess).

Chenlong Li

Helios Chen wrote:

> Dear all, I run a command: solvateCap test WATBOX216 { 10 12 -4 } 20,
> but a warning happened as follows.solvateCap: Argument #2 is type
> String must be of type: [unit].p.s. The test was generated by test =
> loadpdb test.pdb. Could anybody give me a help? I would appreciate
> very much if you could tell me what's wrong.

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Received on Fri Apr 23 2004 - 18:53:00 PDT
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