AMBER: new leap with old gibbs

From: Carsten Detering <>
Date: Tue, 06 Apr 2004 12:16:01 -0700

Dear ambers,

what is the proper usage in xleap/amber8 for the 'set default gibbs on'
before the saveamberparmpert command, to use the old gibbs for TI?
I have tried
>set default gibbs on saveamberparmpert my_variable prmtop inpcrd
>set default gibbs on
>saveamberparmpert my_variable prmtop inpcrd

both gave me

set: Improper number of arguments!
usage: set <container> <parameter> <object>
    or: set default <parameter> <value>


can't parse gibbs
usage: set <container> <parameter> <object>
    or: set default <parameter> <value>



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