RE: AMBER question

From: Marco Aurelio Correia Preto <>
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2003 09:04:08 +0100

Dear David:

Rij = Ri + Rj

Aij = eij*Rij^12
Bij = 2eij*Rij^6

and eij = (eii*ejj)^(1/2)

Please anyone correct me if anything is wrong!

Hope it helps


Marco A. C. Preto
PH.D. student
FCUP - Portugal

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Subject: AMBER question

Dear AMBER reflector:

Hello, I am a graduate student from Taiwan. I sent AMBER question before.

I have another AMBER force field questions as below:

1. In van der Waals energy term, how to get Rij ( the straight distance
between two atoms)?

2. How to get van der Waals parameters Aij and Bij ?

Wish you can give me some suggestions. Be very grateful to you!

Best Regards.

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