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From: Satish Kumar <>
Date: Fri, 6 Jun 2003 21:55:58 +0530

check this extract...

.......Amber internally uses lengths in angstroms, masses in atomic mass
units, and energies in kcal/mol. This means that the unit of time is
1/20.455 ps. Since the set of units is internally consistent, you should be
able to compute the kinetic energy in the "normal" fashion:

  KE(in kcal/mol) = 1/2 sum mv**2

where the masses are in amu and the velocities are from the program.
Note, however, that the velocities stored in the restart file are the
velocities at a time 0.5(dt) before the time of coordinate (since a
"leap-frog" integration scheme is being used. When amber actually prints
kinetic energies, it estimates the velocities at the current time [by
averaging those at t - 0.5(dt) and t + 0.5(dt)]. So your kinetic energies
won't exactly match those printed unless you do something equivalent.

VDW parameters: R* is in Angstroms, epsilon in kcal/mol. .....

Satish Kumar.M
Bioinformatics Group,
National PARAM Super Computing Facility Bldg
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> Dear all,
> Who knows the unit of output velocity in AMBER6 ?
> Thanks in advance.
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