sander mpich hangs

From: Mark Hsieh <>
Date: Thu 25 Apr 2002 15:01:26 -0700


I'm trying to set up amber 7 to run on a linux cluster
running RedHat 6.2. Rsh version of MPICH-1.2.3 and
amber7 compiled and installed correctly.

I'm trying to get sander to run on a single dual-cpu node
but a sander proces starts, taking up 99% of one CPU, without
generating any output, although an empty file is created.

Eventually, the process will say "Connection refused."
Rsh is working properly on the node itself. Does sander
have problems running under RH6.2?

A similar mpich/amber setup on a dual-cpu RedHat 7.1
system works fine.

Received on Thu Apr 25 2002 - 15:01:26 PDT
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