compiling amber 6.0 in a Sun starfire ENT10000

From: ramon kleber da rocha <>
Date: Tue 16 Apr 2002 16:08:54 -0300 (BSC)

        Dear all,
        I am trying to install amber 6.0 in our Sun Starfire ENT10000,
which has 32 processors Ultrasparc 250 MHz. The idea is run binding free
energy (gibbs and sander) jobs using shared memory. The problem is that
there is no apropriate Machine file distributed with amber 6.0.
        I would like to know if anyone have tried that before, and if that
person could help me with this problem. Another option is make the
apropriate changes into the Machine.sparc file, but I dont know how to do
that. If someone have any hints about it I would be thankfull.
        Thank you in advance,

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Received on Tue Apr 16 2002 - 12:08:54 PDT
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