fatal error during equilibration of solvated system

From: Amesh Patel <paxabp_at_nottingham.ac.uk>
Date: Mon 19 Nov 2001 14:31:39 +0000

hello there!!
i am having a problem when trying to equilibrate a 1600 atom protein in a 15 angstrom solvent box. during the equilibration there is a fatal error following the statement - coordinate resetting (shake) was not accomplished in 3000 iterations. what on earth does this mean??? i am doing the equilibration with constant pressure with shake on (ntc=2, ntf=2). the system was being warmed gradually over 100000 steps from 0 to 298 K. can someone please shed light on this???
thanks muchly.
a patel.
Received on Mon Nov 19 2001 - 06:31:39 PST
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