question about implicit solvation model with AMBER

From: Howard Feldman <>
Date: Tue 23 Oct 2001 10:55:36 -0400


If this is not the appropriate place for this question, please forward
to someone who can answer me.

I recently read the 1992 Protein Science paper on Alanyl dipeptide which
incorporated a implicit solvation term into the vacuum AMBER potential,
using Eisenberg's Atomic Solvation Parameters (from the same journal
I was wondering if the code to compute the surface area and
its gradient, has been incorporated into the AMBER program. It used the
method of Richmond, from a 1984 JMB publication, with slight
If the code is there, would it be possible to find out exactly where (ie
which source file(s) contain this code)? I have contacted Dr. Richmond
well but have not received a reply yet..


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