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From: Ramon Garduno <ramon_at_ce.fis.unam.mx>
Date: Mon 05 Mar 2001 11:35:47 PST

Dear AMBERnauts:

I have several questions on how to use RESP properly, since I am planning
to do a RESP charge fitting for a molecule I am studying.

My first question has to do with the RESP tutorials. I have noticed that,
for instance, in the bis-napthyl tutorial the fifth line of the bis_1.in
file the charge is set to -99 while in other tutorials like the peptoid
tutorial the charge is set to zero. Why is this?...

My second question is about the sixth line of most tutorials. In the manual
it is said that "ivary" should be set to -99 for frozen charges, and in
most tutorials it is set to -1. Can anyone clarify this to me, please?...

This question has to do with the 7th "area" regarding the charge constrains.
I do not understand the reasoning behind this instruction, neither what is
the basis for choosing what atoms should be grouped in this fashion. Please
help me....

I thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Much obliged,

Ramon Garduno

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