compilation problems

From: Christian Pilger <>
Date: Sun 4 Mar 2001 16:03:34 +0100

Dear AMBER users & Compaq experts,

I tried to install amber6 on a Compaq workstation, which I recently gained
access to. As the installation (make install) did not proceed completely,
I decided to concentrate on sander_classic, as this is at the moment the
only program, that will be used on that machine.
The compilation proceeds without any error messages using the machine file
"Machine.axp_f90" (as we did on our first Compaq workstation).

However, when I invoke the executable, I get the following error message:

13389:/user/pilger/amber6/exe/sander_classic: /sbin/loader: Fatal Error:
cannot map xxxxxxx

I used the same input files for this test job, that worked without any
problems on our first Compaq workstation.
Compiler and operating systems are the same:

uname -a
 OSF1 V4.0 1229 alpha
f90 -what
 DIGITAL Fortran 90 V5.2-705
 DIGITAL Fortran 90 Compiler V5.2-705

The only differences I can see are "stacksize", "memoryuse", "vmemoryuse",
and "addressspace":

"original" machine:
 cputime unlimited
 filesize unlimited
 datasize 1048576 kbytes
 stacksize 131072 kbytes
 coredumpsize 0 kbytes
 memoryuse 633752 kbytes
 vmemoryuse 1048576 kbytes
 descriptors 4096

"new" machine:
 cputime unlimited
 filesize unlimited
 datasize 1048576 kbytes
 stacksize 2048 kbytes
 coredumpsize unlimited
 memoryuse 506832 kbytes
 descriptors 4096 files
 addressspace 1048576 kbytes

Are my problems due to these differences ? Can they be solved by simply
changing the values ? Far from being an experts in this field, we are a
little bit reluctant to "touch a running system" by means of "trial and
Can somebody give me some advice ?




 Dr. Christian Pilger

    Istituto di Strutturistica Chimica "Giordano Giacomello"
    C.N.R. - Sezione di Trieste
    Area Science Park - Basovizza
    Strada Statale 14 - Km. 163.5
    I-34012 Trieste/Italy

   Tel.: +39+040+226881
   Fax : +39+040+9221126
Received on Sun Mar 04 2001 - 07:03:34 PST
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