Re: I'm upset !

From: samantha hughes <>
Date: Thu 01 Feb 2001 10:17:16 +0000

Hi All

I would just like to say that although spam is annoying, its very
easy to just click 'delete' & its gone. The people who administer
the AMBER mail list have a lot to do without spending "a couple
of hours to do something" and besides they do a pretty good job -
if you really can't handle the spam that does get past them, then
you can always leave the list to those who don't mind the minor
personal inconvenience.

And hey - if you want to give those companies your email address
- thats your call. I know what I will be doing...

< delete >


ps. feel free to delete this mail too

> > I'm very upset about companies spamming our list !
> > I thought we were here only to help each other and not to receive
> > informations about golf or whatever.
> > So i submit you an idea :
> > Let's spam them !
> The problem is that we will give them what they want: our e-mail
> adress...
> I completely agree with you, and i'm fed up with this too, but
> there's nothing we can do!! people who manage the list should
> take care of this.
> Once i complained about this but i just got the answer "avoiding
> spam it's quite dificult and time-consuming...". More then an year
> pasted since then and nobody took a couple of hours to do something!
Received on Thu Feb 01 2001 - 02:17:16 PST
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