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From: Christian Pilger <cpilger_at_oc30.uni-paderborn.de>
Date: Tue 10 Oct 2000 17:26:05 +0200

Dear AMBER-Users,

I tried AMBER 6 on several different plattforms. However under LINUX (Suse
distribution 6.4, Kernel: 2.2.16) I experienced the following problem:
while AMBER 6 readiliy compiles and runs on an Intel Celeron 333, it does
not compile on a new machine with an AMD Athlon 800. Employing the
executables generated by the Celeron 333 machine, the calculation (a simple
minimization) proceeds, but after about 50 (not really reproducable) steps
I get the "RESTARTED DUE TO LINMIN FAILURE". However, exactly the same
input files give reasonable results on the other platforms, including the
Celeron 333. Furthermore I frequently experienced crashes of the Athlon
800 machine while running AMBER, which never happend on the Celeron 333.
Has anyone of you experienced similar problems ? Could it be a matter of
defect hardware ?

Any comments are highly appreciated.

Best regards,



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