Amber6 on SGI with IRIX6.5

From: Grzegorz Jezierski <>
Date: Fri 6 Oct 2000 16:56:51 +0200

Dear Amber users,

I'm trying to run an MD simulation on an SGI (R10000, no MPI
libraries installed, only MPICH), using a parallel version of sander
(ver. 6). The problem is that binaries do not run on more than one
processor. Recently, the system has been upgraded to IRIX 6.5
and I suppose there is a conflict with the Machine file. Before the
upgrade I had no problem with multiprocessor tasks.

Has anyone encountered this kind of problems? If yes, please let
me know and I will give details, as I've tried numerous libraries (eg.
mpi, mpich) as well as variations of the Machine file.

Thanks for any help

Grzegorz Jezierski

Biophysics Department
Institute of Molecular Biology
Jagiellonian University
al. Mickiewicza 3, 31-120 Krakow
ph.:(48 12)6341305 ext.291
Received on Fri Oct 06 2000 - 07:56:51 PDT
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