From: wentaofu <>
Date: Fri 4 Aug 2000 13:17:56 -0500


I have a problem on running profec on amber. We are using amber6.0. Since
there is no makeGrid command in amber6.0, I guess the command profec_grid will
do the same job as that of makeGrid. But, the similar input format as
suggested on the manual of amber6.0 seems isn't work. Here, we use:

cat <traj> | profec_grid <in> <top> <crd> <ljp> <vdw> <esp> <obj> <sav>

Would you please let me know what's wrong or give me an example of how to use
profec_grid. Any information about the author(s) of profec will be

Also, we would like to know how to visulizate the output of profec other than
using MidasPlus.

Thanks in advance!

Wentao Fu
College of Pharmacy
University of Illinois at Chicago
Received on Fri Aug 04 2000 - 11:17:56 PDT
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