Re: [AMBER] Why SANDER can't rotate the dihedral for some angles? [Metal Center]

From: Erdem Yeler <>
Date: Sat, 8 Jan 2022 03:28:52 +0300

Dear Prof.
Thank you for your reply. Here are my instructions:
pt_sander.dat is my frcmod file. I prepared this file then I created *.top
and *.crd files using tleap:
source leaprc.gaff2
loadamberparams pt_sander.dat
a=loadmol2 01.mol2
saveamberparm a a.crd
After that I scanned sander:
sander -O -i -o out_benz_furan/a_0.out -p -c a.crd -r
out_benz_furan/a_0.crd &
sander -O -i -o out_benz_furan/a_10.out -p -c a.crd -r
out_benz_furan/a_10.crd &
sander -O -i -o out_benz_furan/a_20.out -p -c a.crd -r
out_benz_furan/a_20.crd &

here is my one of file:
 dihedral scan
 &wt type='END'
other min files are the similar:

for 10 degree DISANG = dih_tmp/dihedral_10.f
for 15 degree DISANG= = dih_tmp/dihedral_10.f
and here is my dihedral_5.f:

   &rst iat=2,1,18,27,
 r1=4.900000, r2=5.000000, r3=5.000000, r4=5.100000, rk2=5000.0,
rk3=5000.0, /
   &rst iat=2,1,18,27,
 r1=9.900000, r2=10.000000, r3=10.000000, r4=10.100000, rk2=5000.0,
rk3=5000.0, /
   &rst iat=2,1,18,27,
 r1=14.900000, r2=15.000000, r3=15.000000, r4=15.100000, rk2=5000.0,
rk3=5000.0, /
*It would help a lot to know details here: which dihedrals worked, and
whichwere problematic?*
os-Pt-os-c3 is OK but
os-Pt-n4-ca, os-Pt-ca-ca ,os-Pt-n4-hn  are problematic...
Thank you..
David A Case <>, 3 Oca 2022 Pzt, 18:28 tarihinde şunu
> On Sun, Jan 02, 2022, Erdem Yeler wrote:
> >I am trying to parameterize a molecule containing transition metal. During
> >scanning, the sander could not rotate dihedral in the range of 80-160
> >degrees and produced the same energy (See the chart below).
> It would help if you provided the exact instructions you gave to sander.
> The plot shows similar (not "the same") energy for angles in the 80-160
> degree range.  Do you know that this is wrong?
> >It hardly turned some dihedrals at all.
> It would help a lot to know details here: which dihedrals worked, and which
> were problematic?  Depending on the coordination number about the metal, it
> can be quite tricky to scan about metal-based dihedral angles.  But one
> would need to more more information than just "it didn't work" to provide
> useful suggestions.
> ....dac
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