[AMBER] How to use MN2+ parameter (.dat and .prp) files downloaded form AMBER parameter database of Bryce group

From: Pranabesh Mandal (PhD, Bioinformatics August-2019) <pranabesh.cusb.ac.in>
Date: Wed, 5 Jan 2022 17:19:37 +0530

 Dear members,
I am trying to perform a molecular dynamics simulation of a protein with
four Mn2+ present in the binding site. The non bonded parameters are
downloaded from the AMBER parameter database (.dat and .prp file).

I am new to amber and I don't know how to use those files for multiple
non-bonded Mn2+ ions and perform the md simulation in amber.

I appreciate all help and look forward to any responses from you.

Thank you
Pranabesh Mandal
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Received on Wed Jan 05 2022 - 04:00:02 PST
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