[AMBER] run_cmake with -DMPI=TRUE fails to produce MPI version of Amber20

From: James Kress <jimkress_58.kressworks.org>
Date: Sun, 22 Aug 2021 12:55:35 -0400

I have OpenMPI 4.1.1 installed on my RHEL 8.4 system per the instructions
from the OpenMPI organization. It works perfectly with every other

I have installed Amber21 tools and Amber20 - both in serial mode. All tests
are passed.

However, when, following the instructions on page 25 in the Amber21 manual I
try to install the MPI version of Amber 20, run_cmake refuses to recognize
the -DMPI=TRUE flag setting. When I edit run_cmake and set -DMPI=TRUE,
save the file and then do the ./run_cmake it tells me that MPI is OFF.
Subsequent runs of make install produce no MPI versions of anything.

I can find nothing in the install directions or the mailing list archive
that addresses this issue.

What am I doing that is incorrect?

Thanks for any help.


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