From: Stephan Schott <>
Date: Fri, 16 Jul 2021 14:14:13 +0200

Hi Rashid,
I just saw this. Yes, CompEL as is is not available in AMBER. You can still
calculate PMFs of permeation, or use external fields as far as I know.
If you really want to do CompEL you should still be able to prepare the
system with packmol-memgen and amber FF and transform it to Gromacs with
parmed though :D (haven't tried myself though).

El lun, 5 jul 2021 a las 7:14, Abdul-Rashid III Sampaco (<>) escribió:

> I just wanted to try asking here as a last resort before moving forward.
> Does AMBER have the functionality for the Computational Electrophysiology
> <
> >(compEL)
> methodology developed by Kutzner et al?
> It seems to be available exclusively in GROMACS. It's just that it would be
> a lot more convenient if it's also available on AMBER because of the ease
> of membrane protein system preparation provided by PACKMOL.
> --
> Best,
> Rashid
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