[AMBER] Installing compilers/libraries on Ubuntu 18.04 without root access

From: Smith, Ally <allysmith.umaryland.edu>
Date: Mon, 28 Jun 2021 18:52:52 +0000


I'm trying to install the necessary packages needed to compile Amber20 on Ubuntu 18.04 but can't use apt install because I don't have sudo privileges; our sysadmin would prefer that I install everything locally, if possible. I've tried downloading and configuring the packages to install in a local directory by writing a config.site file (see attached) in /home/username/local/share and then performing:

  * cd /home/username/local
  * apt source package
cd package
./configure --prefix=/home/username/local
make && make install

I initially tested this with the flex package but according to the config.log, there are several missing dependencies (this is not a comprehensive list):

AUTOCONF = '${SHELL} /home/username/build/flex-2.6.4/build-aux/missing autoconf'
AUTOHEADER = '${SHELL} /home/username/build/flex-2.6.4/build-aux/missing autoheader'
AUTOMAKE = '${SHELL} /home/username/build/flex-2.6.4/build-aux/missing automake-1.15'
INDENT = '${top_srcdir}/build-aux/missing indent'
YACC = '${top_srcdir}/build-aux/missing bison -y'

Does anyone have suggestions for installing the required packages and dependencies without repeating this process iteratively or changing the root directory? If not, I can ask our sysadmin to install the missing libraries/compilers with the APT package manager.

Thanks in advance,
Ally Smith

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