Re: [AMBER] backbone rmsd between mutant trajectories, comparing conformational space sampled

From: Vaibhav Dixit <>
Date: Tue, 12 Jan 2021 15:52:25 +0900

Dear David and All,
I'm getting the analysis that I wanted, but xmgrace is not working on my
system and the error message looks too much out of my expertise to fix.
If I choose gnu format for rms out command that I get a display that
doesn't look like a usual rmsd plot (I think it displays 3d plot/map?)
Can you please suggest to me if there is a quick fix to the xmgrace error
or better options to display a line plot in gnuplot?

I understand this is not amber specific but useful suggestions are
highly appreciated.
thank you and best regards

(base) [exx.c107739 test]$ head rms.gnu
set pm3d map corners2color c1
set ytics 1.000, 1.000
set ytics("RMSD_00002" 1.000)
set xlabel "Frame"
set ylabel ""
set yrange [ 0.000: 3.000]
set xrange [ 0.000:2002.000]
splot "-" with pm3d title "H87Y-Fe3-rms.gnu"
   1.000 1.000 0.6856
   1.000 2.000 0

[image: image.png]

On Mon, Jan 11, 2021 at 10:18 PM David A Case <>

> On Mon, Jan 11, 2021, Vaibhav Dixit wrote:
> >I have simulated two protein structures in which only one residue was
> >mutated and thus backbone sequence is the same.
> >I'm guessing it must be possible to use cpptraj to align the backbone
> >coordinates frame-by-frame, and estimate rmsd to check if the mutants
> >sample the same conformational space.
> >
> >parm prot-top
> >trajin
> >reference prot.inpcrd
> >trajin parm
> The command you want is "rms", something like this:
> rms reference :1-141.C,CA,N out rms.dat
> The manual shows lots of keywords that can be added to the rms command, but
> this should get you going.
> ....dac
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