[AMBER] Understanding restraint files generated from CHARMM-GUI

From: Souvik Dey <sdey8.uic.edu>
Date: Mon, 2 Nov 2020 13:05:45 -0600

Dear Amber users,

I am relatively new to using AMBER for protein-membrane simulations. I
recently used CHARMM-GUI to build one of my systems and at the end of the
input files that were generated, it was written,

Protein posres
RES 1 99

I understand that some kind of restraints are being applied to residues 1
to 99 which are my protein residues with a force constant of 10 (kcal/mol
?). I tried to look in the amber reference manual to understand what kind
of restraints were these but could not find any information about them.
Could somebody be kind enough to explain this to me?

Thanks in advance.

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