Re: [AMBER] Error building Amber

From: David A Case <>
Date: Tue, 28 Jul 2020 21:57:44 -0400

On Tue, Jul 28, 2020, Walton Smith wrote:
>I have a libbz2.1.0.tbd file but no libbz2.dylib file in /usr/lib. My
>version of Xcode is version 11.6.

This is helpful (but surprising to me). I'm hoping Amber Mac users can chime
in here:

    what version of Xcode do you have? (Xcode 11.6 was just released two
        weeks ago, I've not yet updated my machines.)
    Look in /usr/lib: do you see a bunch of *.dylib files, or a bunch
        of *.tbd files?

I installed the gnu gcc compiler you suggested (version 7) and extracted
it to a clean build folder and nothing seemed to change.

This is odd but probably irrelevant. The Amber installation page for Mac asks
users to download gfortran (not gcc), and points to a location that provides
gfortran 8.2. We did this mainly to avoid having to describe the complexities
of installing homebrew or macports. Other versions of gfortran are likely to
be OK (but no promises).

Right now, I will try to upgrade my XCode to the latest version, and see if I
can reproduce the problem you report. And maybe other Amber users can chime
in, or maybe Jaime will understand what to do.

Depending on your pain threshold, you *could* try to use the legacy build
system (type ./configure --help in the amber20_src folder). Try to build the
simplest build you can (e.g. ./configure -clang). That's at least likely to
provide a different error message.


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