[AMBER] Tinker_to_amber problem

From: Kliuchnikov, Evgenii <Evgenii_Kliuchnikov.student.uml.edu>
Date: Fri, 17 Jul 2020 19:50:01 +0000

Dear Amber users,

I am trying to run simulations in Amber20 using Amoeba Force Field, but I faced some problems. I have tried 3 different tutorials, but all of them end with the same notification and empty prmtop and incrd files.

For example, I have done this:


source leaprc.ff14SB
gag = sequence { NGLY ALA CGLY }
solvatebox gag TIP3PBOX 6.5 iso
saveamberparm gag amberfc.prmtop amberfc.inpcrd
savepdb gag gag_wat.pdb

Then I created gag_wat.key which is:

parameters /home/klyuchnikov/Tinker-FFE/ffe/../tinker/params/amoebapro13

a-axis 30.1341540
b-axis 30.5110950
c-axis 30.2224290

Then I created tinker XYZ file:
pdbxyz gag_wat

and analout file:
analyze gag_wat PC > gag_wat.analout

And after using tinker_to_amber:
tinker_to_amber -name gag_wat -title “GAG peptide AMOEBA ff”

I have got this output

 frcfieldfile = /home/klyuchnikov/Tinker-FFE/ffe/../tinker/params/amoebapro13.prm
 found a-axis = 30.134153999999999
 found b-axis = 30.511095000000001
 found c-axis = 30.222429000000002
 num_xyz_atoms = 1704
 numres = 562
 num_atoms = 1704
 no success getting Atom Type Definition Parameters

and both prmtop and incrd files are empty.

Can you help me to figure out what is the possible reason for this problem?

Thank you in advance,

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