[AMBER] Galactosylation of 5-Hydroxylysine

From: Harald Lanig <harald.lanig.fau.de>
Date: Thu, 14 May 2020 18:05:08 +0200

   Dear AMBER community,
   I am interested in adding a single molecule of galactose to 5-Hydroxylysine.
   Unfortunately, I am not able to find a template for this modified residue.
   Moreover, the AMBER18 reference manual tells me in the section "Setting up
   protein pdb files for glycosylation in LEaP":
   "At present, it is possible to link glycans to serine, threonine,
   hydroxyproline and asparagine".
   Can someone please recommend me a procedure for creating a
   5-Galacto-hydroxylysine? Even better, can anyone point me to templates to be
   used with Leap?
   Any hint is highly appreciated!
   Stay healthy,
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