[AMBER] thanks for the GB/SA section of the manual

From: Antoine MARION <amarion.metu.edu.tr>
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 2020 17:46:10 +0300

Dear Amber community,

I just read the GB/SA section of the manual and I would like to sincerely thank whoever wrote it.
It is very well written, with extensive details and presented in a clear manner with useful advices.

Hope this message finds you all well and safe.

All the best,

-- Dr. Antoine MARION
Assistant Professor
Doktor Öğretim Üyesi

Department of Chemistry
Middle East Technical University
06800, Ankara, Turkey

Office: O-310
Email: amarion.metu.edu.tr <mailto:amarion.metu.edu.tr>
Phone: +90 312 210 51 44

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