Re: [AMBER] Why is 360 degree is not equal to 0 degree in PES Scan?

From: Ilyas Yildirim <>
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 2020 23:15:46 +0000

There is definitely a discontinuity at zero, but this is because of 130. Check out the structures around 130; one of the torsion probably went to a different value. You will need to restrain those torsions, which would change and put you in another basin (you dont want that) while doing to pes scan.


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> On Apr 10, 2020, at 7:03 PM, Erdem Yeler <> wrote:
> Hello,
> I parameterized a novel molecule and I sent it a as an article to
> journal and my article has been rejected.
> Here is my PES scan of x-y-z-t dihedral .
> [link for the picture: ]
> [image: image.png]
> the referee says: "There is a strange transition at ~130° as well as a
> very large discontinuity at Φ = 0° and 360°. It is expected that
> Edihedral(0°) = Edihedral(360°); the green and yellow dotted lines in the
> plot below should be at the same level, but this does not seem to be the
> case"
> Actually I performed PES scan in gaussian09 and psi4 and I got the same
> results in different softwares so I thought this chart is not strange.
> Still I am not sure if referee is right or not. Before I send the article I
> saw some parameterization articles which didn't perform PES scan 0-360
> degree. Some of authors performed scan in the range of 0-60 degree or
> 0-120 exc.. degree and I didn't predict I will face a result like this.
> Should I perform single point energy for each angle instead of PES scan?
> or should I do another thing? What are your suggestions? How can I explain
> this?
> Thank you.
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