Re: [AMBER] How to setup a QM/MM calculation in Amber

From: James Kress <>
Date: Fri, 27 Mar 2020 14:57:17 -0400

ORCA is my preferred QM software for use with Amber. You can get it here:

It is free for academics.


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From: Sadaf Rani <>
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Subject: [AMBER] How to setup a QM/MM calculation in Amber

Dear Amber users
I want to find out the reaction mechanism of an enzyme by QM/MM method. I
need your suggestions on how to set up the system. Which QM software should
I couple with Amber and how? Could you please suggest me some literature on
it? I am new to this and will be doing it for the first time. Any of your
suggestions will really help me.

Thanks in advance.

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