Re: [AMBER] kindly guide me

Date: Wed, 29 Jan 2020 09:43:08 +0000 (UTC)

 Thank you all for your kind response,
I run the same antechamber command and same test.log file in another system, it proceed successfully without no error. it think there are some error in antechamber installation in my pc.
    On Wednesday, January 29, 2020, 11:43:16 AM GMT+5, Gustaf Olsson <> wrote:
 It seems kind of self-explanatory, the input file (test.log) does not seem to contain any ESP charges. It further seems that there are no atoms in the “test.log” file.

What happens if you try to open the test.log file using GaussView or Avogadro?

Best regards
// Gustaf

> On 29 Jan 2020, at 06:00, ALAMGIR KHAN <> wrote:
> Hello everyone.
> I am using antechamber to prepare prepin file from (gaussian) log file using the following command,
> antechamber -i test.log -fi gout -o 13l.prepin -fo perpi -c resp -s 2 -rn 13l -at amber -nc 0
> but i face these errors
> Welcome to antechamber 17.3: molecular input file processor.
> acdoctor mode is on: check and diagnosis problems in the input file.
> -- Check Format for Gaussian Output File --
> Warning: No ESP information in the Gaussian output file.
>          This file cannot be used to generate RESP charges with Gaussian via
>          e.g. "#HF/6-31G* SCF=tight Pop=MK iop(6/33=2) iop(6/42=6) opt"
>    Status: pass
> /usr/local/amber18/bin/to_be_dispatched/antechamber: Fatal Error!
> No atom found; the gaussian output file may not be complete.
> Thank you in advance.
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