Re: [AMBER] How to check the convergence of NEB calculation?

From: Charles-Alexandre Mattelaer <>
Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2019 09:33:05 +0100

Hi all

Just wanted to bump this message since I'm also curious. The manual says "
Statistically relevant number of simulations
must be performed to ensure reproducibility (and convergence) of the
results." so it seems that up to this point the only way of checking
convergence is running identical simulations different times and checking
wether or not they end up with same results?

Kind regards

Charles-Alexandre Mattelaer

Op za 26 okt. 2019 00:19 schreef Yang JIANG <>:

> Dear Amber Users,
> I am now running NEB calculations with QM/MM.
> I am wondering how to check the convergence of NEB calculations. As I
> know, people usually check the convergence of NEB by checking the
> convergence of the maximal force on NEB images. However, I don't know how
> to print out the max force on the NEB atoms. Does anyone know how to do
> that? Otherwise, is there an alternative way to check the convergency?
> Thanks a lot!
> Yang
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