Re: [AMBER] make install errors

From: David Case <>
Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2019 01:59:16 +0000

On Tue, Oct 29, 2019, Alen Ahmetovic wrote:
>Just in case it got lost in the email threads, I just want to bump this to
>see if anyone has any suggestions! As per Hai, I tried to recompile Amber
>but got the same error messages.

We/you need to start over and tell us exactly what you mean by "the same
error messages"

>>> Here is the full log in the attached file,

I'm guessing that most people on the list (like me) no longer have the
original email with the full log.

>>> after configure failed the first time:

We probably need to see the exact configure error.

>>> ------ I use these commands to solve the exception: dst exists

I don't recognize this message(?) What OS and compiler are you using?

>>> ---The install part starts from after my command to "make install", the
>>> beginning part was cut off because my terminal window doesn't let me look
>>> that far back:

Please save the output to a file, e.g. 'make install | tee install.log
Then you can look at the "install.log file"

>>> It failed in the same place it did previously with the same error. To

To repeat, I bet no on the list now remembers what the "same error"

>>> piggyback off it this, that is why I had miniconda3 installed. I was trying
>>> to get the proper program installed following directions on github, it told

The github instructions are for pytraj as a stand-alone program. Please
try to follow exactly the instructions for running "configure" then
"make install" from the manual.


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