[AMBER] Error creating topology and coordinates file

From: <charalamm.cheng.auth.gr>
Date: Mon, 02 Sep 2019 12:42:20 +0300

Hello everyone,

I want to perform MM/GBSA and MM/PBSA analysis using trajectories
created from Desmond. As far as I know, I have to create coordinates
and topology files for the complex, the ligand (which in my case is
DNA oligo) and the protein ( which in my case is a Transcription

My method until now is to take the file-in.cms from Desmond remove the
waters and the ions and then export the pdb. Then I pass this pdb to
tleap to export the topology and the coordinates file.

$ tleap
> source leaprc.protein.ff14SB
> source leaprc.DNA.OL15
> PDB = loadpdb complex.pdb
Loading PDB file: ./complex.pdb
Created a new atom named: OXT within residue: .R<ASP 313>
Created a new atom named: H2 within residue: .R<PRO 314>
Created a new atom named: H3 within residue: .R<PRO 314>
   total atoms in file: 9906
   The file contained 3 atoms not in residue templates

> saveamberparm PDB TOP.prmtop CORD.rst7
At this step the following error occurs:
Checking Unit.

Warning: There is a bond of 84.639821 angstroms between:

Warning: The unperturbed charge of the unit (-36.000000) is not zero.
FATAL: Atom .R<ASP 313>.A<OXT 13> does not have a type.
FATAL: Atom .R<PRO 314>.A<H2 15> does not have a type.
FATAL: Atom .R<PRO 314>.A<H3 16> does not have a type.

Error: Failed to generate parameters

Warning: Parameter file was not saved.

Is there a way to fix it or is there another way to create the
topology and coordinates files?

Thank you very much!

My best regards.

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