Re: [AMBER] NFE error: Cannot read &abmd namelist

From: Jason Imamoto <>
Date: Mon, 1 Apr 2019 03:54:59 -0400

Hello Users,
I have tried the modification made by Feng Pan. Unfortunately, the error still occurred. I believe this is due to the way my collective variable (CV) file is setup.

I have attached all the files that I use to run the program. There are two cv_NoB_mRMSD_ALin1*.in files. The copy version contains both CVs that I want to use. The other version only contains the Number of Bonds (NoB) CV. I tried to problem solve with the NoB CV, but it still produced the same error. The creates the cntl files from the samp_2D_Lin1_Aform.cntl.

Due to the size of the restart file, I did not include it. If you would like it to test my *.in files, I will gladly provide the restart file.

I appreciate any and all suggestions.
Thank you for your time and help.

Jason M. Imamoto
Doctoral Candidate
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
GH 302
University of the Sciences in Philadelphia
600 S 43rd St. Philadelphia, PA 19104

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