[AMBER] "make test" 1 errors occur

From: changseo park <parkchainsaw.gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2019 21:30:31 +0900

To Amber users.

I'm new user of Amber 16

After installation of Amber in serial, I did "make test"

and everything was fine except one test.

2054 file comparisons passed
0 file comparisons failed
1 tests experienced errors

The error occured in FEW TESTS

PERFORMING TEST 01: Step1 of RESP charge calculation
  ./Run.few.test: Program error

The logs file said the details on test issue in

In few.log said that

Can't locate Chemistry/Bond/Find.pm in .INC (.INC contains:
~~~~ (folder location)

It said that the program can't find Find.pm file during the test.

So, I found Find.pm and it's location is

 I copied "Find.pm" file to the one of the .INC folder location and did
"make test" again, but

It showed same error before.

Should I revise some files to connect folder which has original Find.pm

Plz give me some advice

Thanks in advance

Chang Seo Park
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