Re: [AMBER] CUDA problems in Amber18

From: Julio Dominguez <>
Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2018 22:09:06 +0000

Hi, Ross. Thanks for replying with suggestions.
I tested the installations (make test) after serial configuring as well as cuda. For good measure, I removed my .profile and .bashrc so no PYTHONPATH or any other stay environmental variable should mess the process.

For a reinstall (make distclean and then ./configure gnu) I got 204 comparisons passed and no diffs to save.
I rm -rf that installation, untar AmberTools18 and Ambers18 and compiled it making sure every update was in place.
I then ran the tests and got the same result: 204 comparisons passed no diffs to save.
A MD run test (same protein I got the original error) gave the same results:a weird raise in energy during thermal equilibration.

So, any other suggestions?
Best regards.
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