Re: [AMBER] When will you update this tutorial?

From: Barış Kurt <>
Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2018 21:01:37 +0300

Dear Adrian,
there isn't any roughness in my sentences which was: "Hi, this tutorial is
out of date. *Colud* you update it* please*? *Thank you*"
and also I explained why did I ask this gently. So *please* be calm.
Thank you.

Adrian Roitberg <> wrote:

Dear Baris.

'Please be calm' ???
I am very calm, and I am telling you that it is extremely unlikely that
will get ANY help on this or other thinsg you ask until you change the way
you communicate with us.

2018-03-09 20:58 GMT+03:00 Barış Kurt <>:

> *Dear Adrian*, I just asked "when will you update" out of curiosity. This
> is not a rude demand. Please be calm.
> *Dear David*, Sir first thanks for your helps . I downloaded Amber16
> tools, there was no "readit.f" file in it. And I realized that the tutorial
> says: " *Also note that readit.f was replaced in AMBER 10 with espgen **but
> this tutorial has not yet been updated** for this so if you are using
> amber10 you will need to download the readit.f
> <> file using
> this link." *
> *That's why I asked. Thank you.*
> *-----------*
> * Dear Baris,I write this as friendly advice. We, in the amber community,
> try to help as much as possible, but are not payed to do any of this
> work.Your emails are very rough and seem to request immediate responses and
> you ask as if we were obligated to help you. There is no way you would get
> responses from us if you ask the way you ask.Adrian *
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