Re: [AMBER] When will you update this tutorial?

From: Barış Kurt <>
Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2018 20:58:26 +0300

 *Dear Adrian*, I just asked "when will you update" out of curiosity. This
is not a rude demand. Please be calm.
*Dear David*, Sir first thanks for your helps . I downloaded Amber16 tools,
there was no "readit.f" file in it. And I realized that the tutorial says: "
 *Also note that readit.f was replaced in AMBER 10 with espgen **but this
tutorial has not yet been updated** for this so if you are using amber10
you will need to download the readit.f
<> file using
this link." *
*That's why I asked. Thank you.*


* Dear Baris,I write this as friendly advice. We, in the amber community,
try to help as much as possible, but are not payed to do any of this
work.Your emails are very rough and seem to request immediate responses and
you ask as if we were obligated to help you. There is no way you would get
responses from us if you ask the way you ask.Adrian *
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