[AMBER] Input case causing NaN in sander (and possibly pmemd) (Ambertools17)

From: Åke Sandgren <ake.sandgren.hpc2n.umu.se>
Date: Fri, 19 May 2017 09:32:43 +0200


One of our users have a input set that is generating "inf" in
the call vdinvsqrt(icount, cache_r2, cache_df) in short_ene line 392

This is caused by cache_r2 containing a 0 coming from the code in

   delx = imagcrds(1,n) + xktran(1,itran)
   dely = imagcrds(2,n) + xktran(2,itran)
   delz = imagcrds(3,n) + xktran(3,itran)
   delr2 = delx*delx + dely*dely+delz*delz
delr2 ends up as 0 which is of course < filter_cut2

This is then propagated to a NaN in the
cache_r2(1:icount) = dxdr*cache_df(1:icount) * cache_r2(1:icount)
(short_ene.F90 line 393)

This then propagates to
force(1,i) = force(1,i) - dumx
where dumx/y/z is NaN
And so are all the v.. variables, ee_vir_iso, and finally eedvir.

Eventually this problem propagates down to fill_charge_grid where
fr1/2/3 are all NaN, causing k0, j00, i00 to become 2147483645, or there
about, and finally i0 is used as index into q causing a segfault.

pmem (Amber16) is also throwing a segfault on the same input so i
suspect that the same type of code exists there.

I wonder if the delr2 < filter_cut2 in ew_directp.h should check that
delr2 != 0 too?

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