[AMBER] Lipid14 with ntr=1

From: Himanshu Joshi <himanshuphy87.gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 04 Jul 2016 07:17:39 +0000

Hello amberits,
I am running a POPC simulation *(**lipid14 FF*) using* pmemd.MPI *in
*amber14 *. While equilibrating the membrane in *npt,* I am harmonically
restraining the solute *(1Kcal/mol)* with *ntr=1.* But the density is not
converging to 1 rather it always maintains below 1 (0. 85) even after 3 ns
of simulation. Also, the distribution of water molecules in the box is not
uniform. I am sharing the input files and output files of the simulation
through the following dropbox link. The output files also contain the
trajectory of the simulation (hold_3.nc) with 30 frames.


I suspect it has to do something with* nscm* since if I don't use ntr=1,
the density goes to 1 in 20 ps and water box is also fine.
Any comment or suggestion is highly appreciated.

P>S> I had reported a similar issue in the second part of the following
discussion upto some extent, I sincerely apologize for talking about this
after so long.

With Regards
Himanshu Joshi
Department of Physics
IISc Bangalore India
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