[AMBER] xleap : adding ions out of box

From: Himanshu Joshi <himanshuphy87.gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 6 Jan 2016 13:15:48 +0530

Dear all,
I am adding ions to my system after solvating it with TIP3PBOX in xleap.
After adding Mg ions, if I add Cl- ions to built a system with desired
xleap is placing the ions out of the periodic box set up by previous

When, I image these ions back inside the periodic box, they are badly
overlapping with system and resulting the crash of simulation during the

Any suggestion to overcome this issue ?
Thanks a lot for your valuable time.

*With Regards,HIMANSHU JOSHI Graduate Scholar, Center for Condense Matter
TheoryDepartment of Physics IISc.,Bangalore India 560012*
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