[AMBER] Regarding melt curve

From: MOHD HOMAIDUR RAHMAN <rahmanhpu.gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 3 Jul 2015 09:46:31 +0530

Dear Amber users

Would you like to elaborate the meltcurve ( 29.11.13. page no 602 of
AmberTools 15 ) of analysis command in cpptraj

By typing help giving following output that is not clear to me about cut
and what will be the data input for meltcurve analysis.

help meltcurve
<dset0> [<dset1> ...] [out <outfile>] [name <outsetname>] cut <cut>
  Calculate melting curve from input data sets assuming a simple 2-state
  transition model, using data below <cut>as 'folded' and data above <cut>
  as 'unfolded'

Thanks in advanced
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