[AMBER] Connect atoms in a pdb created with nab

From: Jean-Patrick Francoia <jeanpatrick.francoia.gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 2015 10:31:52 +0200


I'm just starting to use nab, and I have a naive question.

I would like to build a molecule from custom residues. Theses residues
are lysine-based, but it doesn't matter. They are defined in a folder of
my project, and don't contain informations about how the atoms are
connected (no CONECT fields) to each other.

My nab script uses these residues to create the final molecule. It
generates a pdb, of course also without CONECT fields. I would like to
know if by adding CONECT fields in the definition of my custom residues,
the final molecule generated with the nab script will include CONECT
fields too.

Is it possible to do that ?


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