Re: [AMBER] GPU machines in the UK.

From: Gould, Ian R <>
Date: Tue, 2 Jun 2015 16:05:31 +0000

Hi Peter,

I have systems from both armari and viglen and they are both good
suppliers. The thing about anything being imported, is that you can get
into a lot of redtape re:import duty and vat etc. I would go with Exxact
if I could but the central admin are a pain.


On 02/06/2015 16:53, "Ross Walker" <> wrote:

>Hi Peter,
>Exxact can ship to the UK and support warranties in the UK - they've sold
>a number of machines to UK universities but the shipping costs can be
>high since they ship from the US. So that might mean it is not cost
>I would be careful of Acellera, I know a couple of people, both in Italy,
>who bought such machines and were very disappointed with the quality.
>They are essentially just home built machines - you can see that from the
>website pictures - there is no ducted cooling, the power supply is just a
>basic consumer powers supply etc.
>bo/) - so I'd be very wary of this in terms of reliability. If you don't
>mind machines like that you'd be better off just building your own from
>Amazon (you can probably get much better case, fans, PSU etc) and it
>would probably work out a lot cheaper.
>The Server system they list is better - although it's just a basic 2U
>supermicro box.
>You could try ClusterVision in the UK ( -
>tell them to feel free to contact me if they want details on optimum
>configurations and specs. Not sure if they offer desktop systems though.
>This question has come up quite a bit so let me ask NVIDIA and see what
>contacts they have for preferred partners in the UK.
>All the best
>> On Jun 2, 2015, at 6:49 AM, Peter Winn <> wrote:
>> Dear AMBER list, (UK users),
>> What suppliers operating in the UK have people used for GPU processing
>>optimised machines? Does anybody have someone they highly recommend?
>>I've just emailed Exxact to see if they support UK delivery and
>>maintenance but are there any other suggestions? I've had Acellera
>>recommended to me elsewhere.
>> Thanks,
>> Peter Winn.
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