Re: [AMBER] GPU machines in the UK.

From: Ross Walker <>
Date: Tue, 2 Jun 2015 08:53:15 -0700

Hi Peter,

Exxact can ship to the UK and support warranties in the UK - they've sold a number of machines to UK universities but the shipping costs can be high since they ship from the US. So that might mean it is not cost effective.

I would be careful of Acellera, I know a couple of people, both in Italy, who bought such machines and were very disappointed with the quality. They are essentially just home built machines - you can see that from the website pictures - there is no ducted cooling, the power supply is just a basic consumer powers supply etc. ( - so I'd be very wary of this in terms of reliability. If you don't mind machines like that you'd be better off just building your own from Amazon (you can probably get much better case, fans, PSU etc) and it would probably work out a lot cheaper.

The Server system they list is better - although it's just a basic 2U supermicro box.

You could try ClusterVision in the UK ( - tell them to feel free to contact me if they want details on optimum configurations and specs. Not sure if they offer desktop systems though.

This question has come up quite a bit so let me ask NVIDIA and see what contacts they have for preferred partners in the UK.

All the best

> On Jun 2, 2015, at 6:49 AM, Peter Winn <> wrote:
> Dear AMBER list, (UK users),
> What suppliers operating in the UK have people used for GPU processing optimised machines? Does anybody have someone they highly recommend? I've just emailed Exxact to see if they support UK delivery and maintenance but are there any other suggestions? I've had Acellera recommended to me elsewhere.
> Thanks,
> Peter Winn.
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